Newsletters tagged "Cross-functional teams"

Volume 11, #3, May 2013
Why you need an attitude change about the what, who, and when of research
by Sheila Mello

Making new stuff is exciting. We talk about inspiration, creative sparks, and brainstorms; we celebrate debuts and unveilings. But while launch celebrations are common, nobody ever throws a research party. It’s easy to neglect the R part of R&D amidst all the attention to the D.

Volume 10, #5, October 2012
Cultivate beginner’s mind for customer-focused innovation
by Sheila Mello

Here's a reminder of what works—and of what you should pay attention to if you want to create a world-class customer-focused organization. At a recent conference, we explored best practices for finding new sources of VOC data, determining what matters to customers, and institutionalizing the process.

Volume 10, #1, February 2012
Are you as boundary-free as you think?
by Sheila Mello

Ideally, a cross-functional team will become instrumental in breaking down the barriers that are responsible for the silos we thought we got rid of over the last decade. Here's more on how can this happen, the consequences when it doesn’t, and what’s the payoff for product development organizations.