Newsletters tagged "Strategy"

Volume 16, #1, February 2018
Look for expert help that assures lasting outcomes
by Sheila Mello and Wayne Mackey

The first step in a successful consulting relationship is hiring the right firm. Some of the characteristics that might seem helpful initially won’t serve you in the long run. So what should you look for?

Volume 15, #8, November 2017
How Intuit’s practices have helped it outlive competitors
by Sheila Mello and Wayne Mackey

Intuit has been exceptionally successful over the last several decades. But the exceptional thing about Intuit is that it doesn’t have to be exceptional. There’s no reason why your company can’t adopt the customer-related practices that have made Intuit a standout.

Volume 15, #5, July 2017
Take your strategy off the shelf and out into the world
by Wayne Mackey and Sheila Mello

The best strategy in the world won’t move your company forward if you don’t execute it.

Volume 14, #7, November 2016
Understanding the zeitgeist of product development (and the electorate)
by Sheila Mello and Wayne Mackey

Conducting a survey before understanding the requirements—and without an image of what it is like to be the voter—gets the flawed results we saw in this year’s polls. Diving deeply into the populace enables far more accurate predictions.

Volume 14, #4, June 2016
Applying a lesson from the book “Switch” to product definition
by Sheila Mello

A couple of ideas from the Heath brothers' book "Switch" have implications for product definition and development. In particular, if you want to change the way your company gathers voice of the customer (VOC) data, you often encounter resistance—reluctance to change—among peers and managers. Here's how to combat that resistance.

Volume 13, #6, November 2015
What a winning NFL coach can teach you about letting go and being nimble
by Sheila Mello

Even if you don’t follow football, you can pick up some business tips from Belichick’s approach to running his team and winning games. He is good at both.

Volume 12, #6, September 2014
Alignment For Long-Term Success
by Wayne Mackey

Faster, better, and cheaper only matter if all of the elements of your business are heading in the right direction.

Volume 9, #6, November 2011
The Not-So-Obvious Truth About Innovation
by Sheila Mello

A major research firm's study supports what we've been saying all along: just pouring more money into R&D doesn't yield results. Strategic alignment and a culture that supports innovation are key.

Volume 7, #4, June 2009
Are You Becoming Irrelevant?
by Sheila Mello

Questions about mission and strategy are always challenging, perhaps more so for established businesses. But, like any industry in crisis because of a looming discontinuity, the news business needs to completely re-evaluate its reason for being.