Newsletters tagged "Product development process"

Volume 15, #7, October 2017
How informatics-enabled projects can take you out of the me-too product game
by Wayne Mackey and Sheila Mello

Optimizing the way you discover, generate, share, and store information can streamline project management and make your entire organization more competitive.

Volume 15, #4, June 2017
Focus on four areas to build products with market pull
by Sheila Mello and Wayne Mackey

What if you made a product that customers wanted so desperately they were willing to pay almost anything to get it?

Volume 14, #6, October 2016
Five essentials to have in place before you launch a co-creation effort
by Sheila Mello

Like most companies, you’ve probably put customers at the center of your design and development efforts with initiatives such as customer-centric product definition, a focus on customer value, and a well-honed voice-of-the-customer program. But have you thought about taking customer-centricity to its next stage: co-creation, or direct customer involvement in the product design process?

Volume 13, #4, August 2015
Watch what can happen when you give your market research organization a seat at the innovation table
by Sheila Mello

You probably have a good idea about what makes product development innovative. You may already have a plan to create a culture of innovation in your development organization. But are you overlooking a key part of the business that could contribute substantially to product development innovation?

Volume 13, #3, May 2015
How the interplay between customers and culture makes lean development effective—or not
by Sheila Mello

“You can never be too rich or too thin.” This quote, usually attributed to Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, has a great hold on the popular imagination. Might it be relevant to the pursuit of lean activities in the business world?

Volume 12, #6, September 2014
Alignment For Long-Term Success
by Wayne Mackey

Faster, better, and cheaper only matter if all of the elements of your business are heading in the right direction.

Volume 11, #7, December 2013
Ditch the battle metaphors to find the balance between structure and flexibility that works for you
by Sheila Mello

War analogies to business have been around for a while. They should be retired from business in general and product development in particular.

Volume 11, #6, November 2013
Three ideas to tame product development chaos
by Sheila Mello

Your company can enjoy great success fueled by little more than inspiration. A single insight, perhaps sparked by the founder’s direct experience, can drive the first wave of growth. But then... Here’s how to avoid the chaos that sometimes follows a fast, successful start—and get on the right track for continued growth.

Volume 7, #2, March 2009
How Ingenix Created, Tested, and Introduced a Collaborative System in Less Than 6 Months Using Wiki Technology
by Richard Tait

Healthcare information company Ingenix (now Optum) chose a new and different way of developing and documenting its product development life-cycle (PDLC) managing framework--a cost-effective commercially available wiki technology.

Volume 7, #1, January 2009
Wise R&D Investments Won't Leave You Exposed
by Sheila Mello

When times get tough, a slapdash approach to product development leaves you exposed. You need to be sure you're investing the right amount in the right projects. Here are three practices, which, if you have been executing them faithfully, will ensure you're fully covered as the tide ebbs.