Newsletters tagged "R&D"

Volume 11, #3, May 2013
Why you need an attitude change about the what, who, and when of research
by Sheila Mello

Making new stuff is exciting. We talk about inspiration, creative sparks, and brainstorms; we celebrate debuts and unveilings. But while launch celebrations are common, nobody ever throws a research party. It’s easy to neglect the R part of R&D amidst all the attention to the D.

Volume 11, #2, April 2013
Accounting for customer needs assures a high-value outcome
by Wayne Mackey

Many companies don’t measure R&D efficiency at all. Those that do often use a fatally flawed method: measuring sales per R&D employee. The problem with this common metric is that it provides feedback only after you’ve already made the mistakes that decrease R&D efficiency. Here’s a different approach to measuring R&D efficiency that takes a page from manufacturing’s book—and combines it with a focus on the customer.

Volume 8, #9, December 2010
Innovation and the Fear Factor
by Sheila Mello

When creating products, a short-term focus only works for so long; tweaking existing market winners and responding incrementally to customer needs is not a recipe for long-term success. Fear of investing in ideas that might fail consigns you perpetually to also-ran status.

Volume 9, #5, June 2010
Assessing Your Company's Innovation Maturity
by Sheila Mello

To understand whether it's safe to give your R&D department the corporate equivalent of the keys to the family car—and figure out what to do if it's not—you need a framework for evaluating maturity.