Newsletter Archive: 2018

Volume 16, #3, May 2018
How Comcast might have kept my business, and how you can learn to keep your customers
by Sheila Mello

There’s nothing wrong with asking former customers why they dropped your service. But this research can’t substitute for in-depth interaction with customers (and non-customers).

Volume 16, #2, April 2018
Stop guessing what customers are thinking
by Sheila Mello and Wayne Mackey

Often, we don’t have a clue what life is like for other people. That’s why relying on personal experience as a basis for creating and marketing products goes only so far. The only way we understand other people is by asking questions.

Volume 16, #1, February 2018
Look for expert help that assures lasting outcomes
by Sheila Mello and Wayne Mackey

The first step in a successful consulting relationship is hiring the right firm. Some of the characteristics that might seem helpful initially won’t serve you in the long run. So what should you look for?