Newsletters tagged "Planning"

Volume 14, #3, April 2016
Three essential questions to answer before you dive into VOC
by Sheila Mello

Just as your house sale may fall flat if you don’t replace the ratty carpet before showing it to prospective buyers, or you risk pulling a hamstring if you take off at a sprint before warming up, you can sabotage your VOC success if you don’t do at least a little preparation. Once you can answer three fairly straightforward questions about your market, the customer data you collect will become much more useful for product definition.

Volume 13, #2, April 2015
What breakfast can teach you about your product portfolio
by Sheila Mello

Radically rethinking your core business may be necessary at some point, whether you’re an established company in a mature market or a relatively new company in an emerging market, but better not to be in a position that requires rethinking in the first place. Here are three essentials we’ve found for keeping your product portfolio fresh and, ideally, a step ahead—rather than a step or two behind—current consumer preferences.

Volume 12, #8, December 2014
Three out of four businesses are getting their product portfolios wrong. Are you in the happy minority?
by Sheila Mello

Would you be surprised if I told you that a majority of organizations are not doing a very good job managing, prioritizing, and balancing their product portfolios? Here are some sobering statistics--and what you can do to avoid being in the unlucky majority.

Volume 11, #6, November 2013
Three ideas to tame product development chaos
by Sheila Mello

Your company can enjoy great success fueled by little more than inspiration. A single insight, perhaps sparked by the founder’s direct experience, can drive the first wave of growth. But then... Here’s how to avoid the chaos that sometimes follows a fast, successful start—and get on the right track for continued growth.

Volume 8, #8, November 2010
5 Steps to Banish the Bogeyman
by Sheila Mello

"Scary and unpredictable" is fine for Halloween eve, but not so great for business. These five product development imperatives can help you clearly see what dangers may lurk in the night.