Discoveries Newsletter

Volume 10, #3, July 2012
Don't overlook the importance of the right mix of innovation skills
by Wayne Mackey

In business, as in personal good health, it’s the gap between what we know is good for us and what we actually do that gets us every time. This article looks at how companies can improve innovation by focusing on a key, and often overlooked, ingredient for innovation success.

Volume 10, #2, March 2012
Unraveling product launch challenges to inspire loyalty
by Sheila Mello

The good news—which is also the bad news—is that there’s no magic to launching a great product. That means you need to understand the challenges, put processes in place to meet those challenges, and execute relentlessly.

Volume 10, #1, February 2012
Are you as boundary-free as you think?
by Sheila Mello

Ideally, a cross-functional team will become instrumental in breaking down the barriers that are responsible for the silos we thought we got rid of over the last decade. Here's more on how can this happen, the consequences when it doesn’t, and what’s the payoff for product development organizations.

Volume 9, #6, November 2011
The Not-So-Obvious Truth About Innovation
by Sheila Mello

A major research firm's study supports what we've been saying all along: just pouring more money into R&D doesn't yield results. Strategic alignment and a culture that supports innovation are key.

Volume 9, #5, August 2011
Substitute Alignment for Standardization for More Relevant Measurement
by Wayne Mackey and Sheila Mello

Many professionals see metrics as a necessary evil—something put in place because someone says they should be put in place—rather than what they ought to be, which is an integrated tool for improving business performance. How do you make the shift from evil medicine to valuable tool?

Volume 9, #4, June 2011
Three Essentials for Stepping Into a New Market
by Sheila Mello

Volume 9, #3, May 2011
What gets in the way of finding out what ails your customers?
by Sheila Mello

A friend's seventh-grade son (let's call him Rob) was stumped for weeks by his school's annual "Invention Fair." The fair organizers did a great job of attempting to foster creativity among the you

Volume 9, #2, March 2011
Ditch the justifications and immunize your company against lost opportunity
by Sheila Mello

Over the years I have helped scores of companies develop rigorous voice-of-the-customer programs so they can understand at a deep level what stands in the way of their customers' success and define

Volume 9, #1, January 2011
How tasty pizza and smelly diesel figure into your work as a product developer
by Sheila Mello

We talk a lot about "creating value for the customer" when designing and developing products.

Volume 8, #9, December 2010
Innovation and the Fear Factor
by Sheila Mello

When creating products, a short-term focus only works for so long; tweaking existing market winners and responding incrementally to customer needs is not a recipe for long-term success. Fear of investing in ideas that might fail consigns you perpetually to also-ran status.